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Feb 24, 2020 • Salary advance loans
Kopacent - 7 Reasons You Should Consider Salary A...
Kopacent a Fintech company using technology and leveraging on mobile money to offer employees affordable salary advances.Here are 7 Reasons You Should Consider Salary Advance in Kenya.
Feb 20, 2020 • Fintech Debt free
How to Get Out of Debt 2020
Here are five steps anyone drowning in debt should take to get out of debt:Accurately assess the status of your debts from the amount owed, to interest charges to expected pay off dates. Make a budget
Feb 19, 2020 • Money Fintech
5 things to check before applying for a personal l...
With the rise of many leading companies in Kenya taking a personal loan is very easy and confusing at the same time. Today I take you through five things to check before applying for a personal loan.
Jan 31, 2020 • Blockchain Fintech Money innovations Digital Trends opportunities
Seven Industries Affected By BlockChain
These are just some of the industries that are likely to see significant disruption from blockchain technology. What opportunity do you see for blockchain to disrupt and improve your industry?
Jan 24, 2020 • Tala Money Fintech Branch Reviews
Best 3 2020 Mobile Loan App In Kenya
The list of loan apps is growing steadily in Kenya. About 5 years ago, we only had Tala (which was Mkopo Rahisi by then), Branch International and Saida.
Jan 17, 2020 • innovations Digital Trends Payment Gateways Fintech investment opportunities
Investment opportunities in Kenya
Investment opportunities surrounding you may be hard at times to know, but easy when one has the right platform .Today will take you through the best 5 investment opportunities in Kenya.
Dec 19, 2019 • Fintech innovations Digital Trends
The role of Fintech Innovation in Smart Cities
The role of Fintech Innovation in Smart Cities: they were a popular term that has since lost a bit of its steam among the general public yet, with the dramatic reduction of Internet-of-Things (IoT)
Dec 18, 2019 • Money Fintech innovations Digital Trends
Africa is a world-leading fintech market.
Africa is a world-leading fintech market. Here’s how Mastercard built a fanbase across the continent
Nov 22, 2019 • Fintech innovations loans
Top 5 Quick Loan Innovations in Kenya
Kenya has been in the rise when it comes to fintech innovations. Today we take we take you through quick loans innovation in Kenya . These innovations include: Afrikaloan Kenya,Okolea,Opesa,Fetti etc.
Nov 22, 2019 • innovations Fintech Digital Trends
Top Innovative Trends In FinTech Industry
2019 We have seen great disruption in fintech industry and 2020 we expect more to happen. The following are top innovative trends and solutions in Fintech Industry which include banks ,AI Digital
Nov 22, 2019 • innovations Payment Gateways Fintech
Payment Gateway Innovations and their Importance
The use payment gateways in eCommerce . Kenya have not been left behind with Direct Pay Online,JamboPay,Lipisha ,Mula,Beyonic  and PesaPal being the main payment gateways used allover the country
Nov 13, 2019 • Fintech Money Advice Branch Reviews innovations loans
Branch App Review
Branch offers loans from Ksh 250 to Ksh 70,000. Loan terms range from 4 – 48 weeks. Interest ranges from 13% – 29% with an equivalent monthly interest of 2% – 16% and APR of 22% – 199%,

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