Eleven things a Kenyan student can do while in school
Published on Wed 26 Feb 2020
Finance Student

Are you a college student and more so a finance student? Do you know there are several means in which a college student can still learn and still earn easily at the same time? Although, most students would prefer to concentrate on their studies alone, just as they create time to socialize and still time for the internet they can still create time to manage a business according to their schedule. To avoid being the broke student in college, there are several and easy means of making money.



If one is a creative writer or finds writing interesting, this is the perfect place to use your free time as a writer. There are many websites one can secure a job of your interest.It can be writing articles, researching and writing comprehensive facts on things, blogging, writing contests, etc. From these sites, you can choose the site you comfortable with and the pay you comfortable with. Working for agencies has a lower income compared to approaching the owners of the website directly. Some of these sites that you can bid for freelance jobs are freelancer.com, upwork.com, guru.com, etc.



Another profitable sector is offering web designing services and its job offers. They are millions of active websites but still do not meet the people's demand due to new emerging issues and websites are being opened on regular basis.If you know how to web design there is a large online market and all you will do is list your service online and you can attract customers from all over the world.



Forex trading is another means of earning while still studying. This is the trading of currencies online which is a risky venture but its income is really good. If you have good knowledge of the exchange market and cash flow, with good analytical skills, it’s a good job to venture in.You can familiarize yourself using tutorials and you can also google trade forex platforms to become a professional forex trader and avoid making wrong decisions to avoid losses.



This is an online platform whereby one can buy and sell goods. If you have some products that you interested in selling, you can sign up for their services and follow their rules and be careful while handling customers. This site will help attract many customers to your business without taking much of your effort compared to trying to market them yourself.

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Vehicle licenses and documents are meant to expire annually and they must be renewed.If not the person will be charged with legal consequences so they will opt to renew their license. You can start a vehicle licensing service whereby you help the vehicle owners and the licensing company does all the work involved in license renewal. With a bigger percentage of people owning cars, it’s a good form of making cash once in a while.



In colleges, ladies want to appear good looking and lovely. Now and then they will need their hair done; they will need beauty products, manicure, and pedicure, piercings, etc. Each day you can’t lack someone who is interested in one of those services and its income is pretty good to keep you moving in college. You can also opt to be a mobile saloon whereby you can go to your customer's place or they can come to your place for rental business houses tend to be a bit expensive. This will just need you to schedule time with your customers when you free to offer the services. Posters about your services can work on this.



This is an easy and flexible job that does not require complex professional skills. If you are good at typing, you can opt for online jobs on data entry for becoming a data entry clerk is so simple. You can visit sites such as Fiverr and Indeed for data entry opportunities.




Blogging may take a while before you see the rewards but it’s worth the wait. WordPress is a good site whereby you can create a free blogging site but you will be required to pay something to host the website yourself. Your content on the blog site should be of great value and not just writing for the sake. With internet access, you can do the work anytime you comfortable or free even at night. You can study other bloggers and see how they do it so that to produce quality service. Its flexibility makes it the best way to earn money anytime



You can reach out to your lecturers so that you can help them with their researches.It will be at your comfort for internet is available around the school.This will include gathering and data analysis, research on a certain topic, compiling various researches, etc. You can also participate in market researches by visiting various sites and stores.



You can become a tutor for the subjects that you are good in.You can find some people who are willing to pay for it so that they can be taught and also kids at lower levels may need a tutor which you can greatly suit.Also, some people in society might require some skills that are based on your career and you will just teach them at a certain cost. Your pay will depend on who you tutoring and also the type of subject. It’s such a productive means of using your knowledge.



This is such a fun activity to undertake as many college students do it often to preserve memories, to update their social media accounts, various school events…and so many other things. With just a camera you can undertake so many outdoor photography sessions at a fair price. All you just got to do is make edits to those customers to satisfy them.

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