Best 2020 Fundraising Apps In Kenya
Published on Thu 09 Apr 2020
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Crowdfunding / fundraising applications are very common across the world. In Kenya fundraising is used for various things i.e. raise capital for business, support in personal or family emergency and raise funds for community action.  For Kenyans, Harambee is a common part our culture where we come together to contribute to a particular cause.  


Global fundraising and crowdfunding apps such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter are used to support entrepreneurs to raise funds to grow their business ideas in variety of industries including animals, fashion, food, photography, technology and religion. Other fundraising apps such as YOUCARING enable individuals who have returned from international mission trip, whilst Canadian’s Fundrazr enable charities and organization to fundraise.  Majority of these apps are based in US or Canada and have a predominately western audience.  


Recommended Fundraising/crowdfunding apps  


On Uunzi we have listed two fundraising applications/websites for people looking for fundraising apps. Our two recommended fundraising websites are Kiva and M-Changa. Both websites are very different and useful for different audiences.  

Fundraising Apps for You in enya

A Kenyan crowdfunding/fundraising website called  M-Changa. M-Changa is an online and mobile fundraising platform for individuals, organizations, and businesses based in Nairobi, Kenya. With M-Changa you can raise funds for all sorts of causes from personal emergency or raise funds for an organization. What makes Mchanga most suitable for the Kenyan market is the fact that it is integrated with M-Pesa PayBill, Airtel Money and Equitel, as well as Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.  


Kiva is another crowdfunding application that is present in Kenya. Unlike M-Changa , not all people can sign up on Kiva. Kiva is designed to support struggling entrepreneurs to have access loans given to them by other people across the world. A borrower can get up $15,000 at  0% interest with no catch and is given 36 months to repay the loan.  Lender give a loan to an entrepreneur looking for capital to support their business and struggling entrepreneurs.  



Fundraising Ideas  

Fundraising Ideas


Kiva is a peer to peer lending app for entrepreneurs looking for capital to help run their businesses. You can apply for a loan if you have a struggling business in agriculture, retail, livestock etc. Kiva perform a creditworthiness check on you and do expect you to invite some friends and family to invest first before exposing you to their lenders. Kiva takes borrowers from around the world with various business needs.  



With M-Changa you can create a fundraiser at any time and for any cause, as long as you have the network to share it and get it funded by your friends and family. Common fundraisers include medical bills, family or personal emergency, funeral costs, school fees, wedding costs and as well as community projects. See more here  


How to register and use a fundraising Online App  



  • Registration steps for Kiva are easy:  



Apply (20-30 min)

Find out if you're prequalified, then easily fill out our online application.

Invite (Up to 15 days)

Prove your creditworthiness by inviting friends and family to lend to you.


Fundraise (Up to 30 days)  

Go public on Kiva, with your loan visible to over 1.6 million lenders worldwide.

Repay (Up to 36 months)

Build your customer base by repaying your Kiva loan.



  • Registration for M-Changa


Fill in the online registration form, You can find the form here 

Make a test mobile payment towards your fundraiser (minimum KES 10)

Click the activation link sent to your email

Receive your login credentials via SMS


Comparison between Mchanga and Kiva  


The obvious difference between M-Changa and Kiva is who can use their websites.  

Entrepreneurs are better suited to raise cash for their businesses with Kiva than M-Changa as M-Changa is mainly used to mobilize people around a cause. M-Changa enable Kenyans to Harambee online, easily share with others around a fundraising objective.  

Secondly, M-Changa allows you to run your fundraiser for as long as possible whilst Kiva gives you a 30 day period for lenders around the world to see your fundraiser and invest in your business.

Thirdly, with M-Changa you can start fundraising immediately once you activate your fundraising account with KES 10.  Kiva on the other hand takes up to 15 days for Kiva’s team to determine your credibility by expecting you to have a few members of your family and friends invest something small in your fundraiser first before exposing your fundraiser to potential lenders across the world.  


Advantages/Benefits of using an online fundraising App


M-changa and Kiva provide a secure, fast and easy way to raise funds for a variety of things including business, community action and personal and medical emergency.  

Other Benefits of using M-Changa include:

Best Value: Fundraisers pay 4.25% (KES 425 every KES 10,000 raised)


Automatic Fundraiser Acceleration: M-Changa will automatically invite your supporters to share and promote your fundraiser be giving rewards such as airtime and recognition.


Local Customer Support: Experts are available to support you 6 days a week through email, phone & social media. For contact information click here.



Mobile & Card Payments: Fundraiser can collect donations through multiple payment channels including Safaricom Paybill, Equitel, Airtel, Visa, MasterCard & PayPal. This means you can raise money both locally and internationally on one platform.


Create Awareness: Sharepages can be personalised with stories, pictures, videos & targets. M-Changa makes it easy to promote fundraisers across multiple channels including Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp.



Security & Trust: M-Changa combines technology, human expertise and community to minimise the risk of funds being misused. Security features include treasurers, fundraiser verification and secure banking & reporting systems


Transparency: Transparency is an important aspect of fundraising since it inspires trust. M-Changa makes it easy for donors to see fundraising goals and updates.

The benefits of using Kiva:  

Kiva gives borrowers up to $15,000 at 0% interest.  

With Kiva you get free marketing and access to new customers  

Disadvantages of online fundraising

Just because you have a great fundraising cause doesn’t mean you could get the cash that you need, unless you mobilise your family and friends by sharing the link, you can find that your online fundraiser has lost steam.  




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