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About Us

What is Uunzi?

Uunzi is a location-based innovation marketplace that connects people to local tech solutions near you

Why Uunzi?

I developed Uunzi because there is no marketplace that enables anyone looking for an app, technology or solution to find it without having to plough on Google or waiting till you hear from your friends and family about a cool app that has just been realised. Technology is at the forefront of all development and is at the heart of progress of our generation, With Uunzi, you can get updates on new cool tech applications based on your location, all at the touch of your fingertips, you are connected to the most innovative tech solutions! Uunzi is currently being piloted in Kenya but will expand to other territories in due course. If you are a budding entrepreneur, interested in tech or just want to support Kenyan development then sign up to our newsletter

Our Mission

Nobody should be left behind by technology – Technology is for everyone – Technology has no boundaries and Kenya is leading the way forward in East Africa. Thinking locally, expanding globally!

Our mission is to connect all people with innovative transformative technology. We place value in ensuring all people irrespective of where they live, can have access to information regarding technology and innovations that are local to them.

Our Promise: To remain curious, engaged, and innovative, adapting and evolving whilst putting you the consumer and our clients first. We promise to listen to what you tell us and will give due consideration to all feedback.

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