Published on Wed 10 Jun 2020
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How can a free blockchain payment transform your business? 

Do you run a small online business? Or do you desire to have an online shop? 

If the answer to any of those questions is Yes, then we have may have found the perfect tech innovation for you 

Covid-19 global pandemic has shown us how important technology is to your business. For those with online presence, business thrived but for those companies without an online presence, business activities were severely been strained. 



Bitsoko is an Ethereum-backed payment solution that is far more superior than traditional payment solutions. Why? Because its free? Bitsoko offer a free payment solution that allows you to sell up to 15 items per store. Bitsoko allows you to transcat payment as small as 5 shilling to more larger payments 


Why is it free you ask?


Bitsoko run an open source, Ethereum network with allows SOKO POS – SOKO POS is the payment solution that Bitsoko offer for free. With the free version you are able to manage your business payments, inventory, HR, create promotions and keep track of your business growth. With the free version, you can sell up to 15 items per store. 

Should you want further customization for your business or sell more items, Bitsoko offer a paid version, but we recommend that you use the free version before progressing to the paid version. 

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Can you transact in bitcoin, or regular money? 

Yes, you can, the platform allows you to transact in money (fiat money) and in bitcoin – speak to Bitsoko team to get more information about this by filling out this form


How does it work?

Setting up the payment solution is very straightforward. Once you have an online shop, add the payment solution to the platform and people can start buying from you. 

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Can anybody use it?

Yes, anybody can use it, you don’t have to understand about blockchain. If you have an online business or want to start an online business, you can use Bitsoko payment platform. 

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What makes blockchain better than other payment solutions?

Blockchain isn’t any better than other traditional payment solutions I.e Pesapal. It’s just a different type of solution.  However, blockchain is faster, cheaper (in this case free) and is the future of payment solutions. 

Does Bitsoko offer aftercare?

Bitsoko offers aftercare for the free version but if you want full aftercare, you must sign up for the paid version. The paid version cost $150 annually 

Is Bitsoko solution only available in Kenya?

The free version can be used anywhere but Bitsoko cannot offer you aftercare unless you are based in Kenya. If you are in Kenya and want a payment solution for your business, fill out this form here


If you have any more question about Bitsoko that haven’t been answered today, please contact us on and we will get an answer for you. 

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